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I know you already know this but this is for those who aren't sure

I am trying to mind my business and not yours. Meaning, even if you try really hard to argue with me, I don't even pay much attention to you. None of that means as much as real life does, so like I keep saying, don't listen to me on the Ball so much as you should listen to me out loud. I fully understand that you are real sometimes and want attention, but I am not interested in what's in my head anymore as opposed to real life situations. I used to be interested in what's in my head, but have not been for quite a while now. I just wanted to clear that up for those who keep falling for the "joke" in case they haven't agreed to partake in the "joke". Like a random person for instance.

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Sign this petition against gang stalking and the use of synthetic telepathy against people, please.


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