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Colorful Bubbles of Nebulusball


The truth about the power of the ball.

Welcome to, your go-to source for information about a sensitive situation that needs more attention. Our mission is to raise awareness and encourage action to help those affected by this issue.  Join us in our cause and let's make a difference together.  There is also a hit up you need to be aware about and realize somebody's life is in danger because of the existence of this tool.  So make this situation less evasive to the lawmakers of the land.  The secret is out guys and now it's time for everyone to believe in this special situation.

It isn't classified that I know of, but everyone is sworn to secrecy in some way.  The site addresses a situation kept so confidential that it needs the public eye on it WAY more.  I mean, it needs to be done away with more than ever, because the thing is everywhere.  It's being used as whatever they want, even terrorism, right under people's nose.  So the secret is out about the entire plot from now on.

The Nebulus ball is a form of synthetic telepathy which allows you to read someone’s mind.  Two or more are talking at once and not just one guy or woman talking into a microphone trying to hypnotize you.  Also, not all of the voices are made to hypnotize hard in this "brand" of telepathy.  Some are just there to talk and to one another in your brain.  The Nebulus Ball can be a strange and aggravating experience.  This is really important for you to believe in before you sign the agreement, and it happens to you.

Also there are laws against things like the Nebulus Balls.  For example, there are laws outlawing electromagnetic anything in most of the world.  There are also privacy act issues involved.  I will supply you with a few laws and precedents that may help if you ask for the papers through an email, if requested.  The point is that things like this are illegal and NOT okay to do.

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