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My opinions about Nebulus Plus and those who have been trapped by its power.

It's high time that everybody knows that those trapped on the Nebulus Ball are actually brave people and deserve to be stuck up for because they defy all odds. They should be commended for putting up with a secret like this for so long. Also, you should like a person who tries his or her best to do it right in this kind of situation. So, to wrap it up, you ought to be proud of them because some of them lost everyone they once knew to avoid treason and terrorism.Anyway, "make me stop" may be a dying expression when it comes to using the power of Nebulus Plus over somebody. Save your dignity and your own life by refusing to attack each other, as well as yourself, with its rare and extraordinary power. It is a mind ray of a form. I do not know how to explain it in any other way right now.Unfortunately, in my effort to publish the product, I have found that you can use it for its original purpose at any time. The Nebulus Balls have been taken over by the forces of darkness in the world, because it has been rejected by laws everywhere. So, hate to tell you this, but these tools of espionage are a form of synthetic telepathy which has always been seen as a weapon. It cannot be created into a toy like people who like it make an attempt to convey. Just know people have developed a long term wireless telepathic connection decades ago. I mean it was during World War II when the first synthetic telepathy experiment was performed. I have always thought of it as a weapon with its "sometimes radioactive and sometimes not" signatures, but people are not classifying it as that so much. They are asking "what is this?" All I know is that it hurts and needs to stop. No one can actually change the harmful aspects of Nebulus Plus because certain individuals, together with corrupt cops, hack the product to keep it controlled by them whether someone tries to stop them or not. It is, also, dangerous, because it is so secret. The "how about making us stop stopping you?" motto ought to belong in its rightful hands which is the federal governments of the world, but don't leave them out of the blame game yet because we might be TIs (targeted individuals) in that way, too. There are also madmen making synthetic telepathy, ultrasonic beams and the like on the streets. These guys can also make us TIs through this method as well. It is usually a government conspiracy, like I mentioned before I realized this is synthetic telepathy and has been done so in many ways with many similar things that are all things like synthetic telepathy. The power for change is instead in the hands of those who have defenses, like our poison dart frog friends, but are small and unimportant like many see our poison dart friends. These groups of people hope the government can look after them more, but can still handle themselves a little for now. If the governments do not work together to disband the balls completely, the gangs and stuff will just take it over even more than before like I just said. I know you guys realize Nebulus Plus is real, because I wrote several senators about it. Like always, I will gladly encourage the government to envision it the way I explained the story and know that they probably WRONG in doing what they'd normally do to us.

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Most of the people in the halls of Nebulus don't want to be innocent.  The cops around here are included.  We are undoubtedly not alone on this "tool".  If I had my choice I would definitely not get on the ball.  I don't grasp why you all wish to unless you are suicidal or something.  I suppose Christian Chaun managed to entice you all well with his conman ways.  

I just don't need to be guilty of something as a result of you corrupt cops wanting some new "cracked up officers", so to speak, who are mostly narcotics USERS who simply hack people rather than doing real cop work and are connected some way to the corrupt authorities I speak of.  The more important use for the "officers" would be something like keeping me alive when I am in trouble or something like that.  I think I now see the point is that I am "gang stalked" by them.  I can't wait for the assailants to get arrested, because it's embarrassing to be here, sometimes.  At least you all are paying attention to my website, so thanks for that, however you are not paying attention to the apparent when you are on here.  Therefore do I handle this state of affairs myself, since I actually have been told I have a right to kill almost everybody within the halls of Nebulus?  I don't believe the source is on my side enough, or I would.  Also, that's a lot of people to just use my own hands like that on.  Why can't that guy just do it himself?

These cop-like people are so unprofessional and unlike the real point of being a cop-- to protect and serve, not to serve someone up that they are willing to beat up and threaten unarmed people to get what they want. (Doesn't this sound like a synthetic telepathy scenario?) And like I said, some are atheists, so they don't even care about morality anymore; they care only about money.  These con men don't mind how they get it as long as they get by with it, like the true criminals they've become.  This is why I call them con men and not real cops even though they have a badge.  The badges may not even be real for all I know, like with some people up North.  And, to top it all off, like children, they disrespect and undermine their superior officers while arguing senselessly with them until a crime occurs, or something to that effect.  I am not sure about the exact details, but it is stupid how well it works.  There again, not all of them because these liars hide behind the trustworthy title of "the police".  
Most federal agents who actually believe me sounded concerned about the situation minus a bunch of whitewashed bull about me being a criminal and how they are "seemingly unable" to pin the crime they want on me.  This is, of course, because I am innocent.  It also keeps the false investigation going on, because it raises a question, but never gives a true, honest, or legal answer to it.  This is why I'm not caught up for anything because, there again, I am innocent and they are desperately trying to escape their own guilt to begin with.  Also, the research is not hard to figure out, so what kind of bad name are you trying to give people who actually do what they are supposed to?

These people are so unprofessional and unethical in their so-called jobs that they will say "fuck the feds" right along with a gang banger and mean every treasonous word of it.  And, yeah, I mentioned treason again because of their rebellious, insubordinate, and unamerican attitude which reflects their true nature quite easily.  It is clear as day that these people I am talking about do not care for American law and only stand for their own selfish desires.  They've even gone so far as to sell their souls to a real terrorist during my unpleasant stay in Nebulus Plus.

As if that weren't enough, ruthless, heartless, inhumane people who are even mean to animals like frogs, dogs, and maybe even more, displays how aggressive they have become.  Don't hate animals because they are beautiful and your heartless ass is ugly.  Don't you care about anything?  This also shows exactly how much they care about the point of their jobs right in that sentence and even makes me wonder if they really have jobs as law enforcement for real.

How do I know this?  They keep me in Nebulus, and I am stuck in their brains watching them do this nonsense.  It, undoubtedly, gets them money, but at least stand for something greater than yourself instead of something looked down upon by most of the world.
I don’t suppose this can be a government funded something, because a very select few know the real name for Nebulus Plus, that has been referred to as metabolism, tryptophan, norphederine, and many different crazy names.  I say just call it Nebulus Plus, since that is what we tend to call it around here nowadays, until the real name comes out.  Why call it something aside from what this website says since no one is making many strides to assist me OR thwart my opinion on-line?  I mean where I can read, not all secretly like you claim to do.  I sound pretty correct after a couple of days in the halls of Nebulus, just know that.

I thought the cats coming out of the box would "make you stop" as you say, but you're all hard up enough to kill somebody, all of a sudden.  Everybody is aware of why I dislike you broods of vipers, anyway.  All you've got to do is say no and keep your nose somewhat cleaner once this happens to you because they are on to be mean forever.
I have to try to tell the entire truth and by doing so it will shine a more broadened scope on the truth of things, so keep that in mind.  Example given: Nebulus Plus has happened in more than one place and precisely like this to more than one person, so that ought to generate federal concern of some kind.  The fact that it is so "secret" concerns me because I can ask anyone else who talks about it and they will hint that the authorities know about the situation if they say anything.  I personally think the corrupt authorities know and 911 "doesn't".
From a far-off point of view using each isolated instant where the Nebulus Ball was rampant, there most likely was a "chosen one" who nobody talked about it to or a few similarities.  You know what I am saying?  I already know that it's a federal crime because it crosses state borders.  With that alone said, shouldn't the state of affairs be seen more like a secret war against a sect of terrorists that is getting louder in more places than you think.

I still like to think “Jason and the frogs", whoever that unheard of person is ;) is stressing the point enough to FINALLY generate enough concern to make this necessary matter apparent to all.  The point is about folks doing messed up things to people on the ball and even out loud for the sake of keeping the Nebulus balls "in play" worldwide.  THIS is the most unfortunate situation I want to complain about so much.  Thank you to those who truly tried to reveal the treasoners' attempt to hide their true intentions from those who do not know about their secret plots.
The current product induces a state of mind, what I’d like to call a "mental state of Nebulus".  The humor is uncanny sometimes, but I did not choose the name, Nebulus, Christian Chaun did.  You can torment somebody hard as hell simply by brooding about it long enough, and this somehow gets the person "high", I guess.  They also understand that it ought to be against the law to do such things.  I can see a couple of accidental burns, but all the time?  Give me a break!  I alone had to struggle myself back to life several times without the help of the hospital.  They said they had very little power to assist me about the situation.  How much more dangerous are you able to get?
That is right, you're practically killing people with a weapon of some kind (synthetic telepathy) and a tool of espionage.  It's solely a matter of time before you all get in trouble for deliberately being on here, as you are a form of gang stalkers, I think.  It's THAT important.  Super important.  Especially since I am writing this website.  This means I am out of normal options for now, by the way, but like I said there are rules against electromagnetic weapons, waves, frequencies, and the like.  I have a copy of it somewhere just ask me for now if you want the details.

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I refuse to forget the losses and suffering I, alone, went through to get this far in life.  With this said, the remedy or its ultimate destruction better come about.  And, yeah I am a froggieoggie because the frog massacre can very well happen to individuals and they are said to represent real humans.  They were a part of a few people's happiness sent to their demise. (Important and valuable, like actual humans are.) They also died because a handful of "permanent Nebulus Plus residents" refused to comply with the traitors' demands.  One of those brave frog loving people were me, so yeah, I risk my neck for Nebulus Plus, sometimes.  Also, I may not have died completely, but I do understand losses as a result of these devices.  This doesn't mean I want to risk it.  I just have.  If frogs do not hit home hard enough for you, I, even, lost human friends which were a part of my heart, too.  So yeah, frogs are our children, so to speak.  Therefore please treat our pets with respect.  If you do not like that rule, then why ever consider yourself a friend of mine again?   It is out of respect and common decency that you just comply with that demand and that I have an underlying reason apart from that for the respect rule, so just do it, please.

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This place continues to be not for the faint of heart, ladies and gentlemen. Therefore, no children on the ball, please.  This is for obvious reasons.  One of them is that they are doing enough crazy things without excuses to do so.  Why provide their impressionable minds any more reasons to act like a fool?  I remember a wonderful childhood where, even though it was unknowingly around, I didn't realize any difference.  Plus, somebody could also be drinking their butts off and haven't any Nebulus Protection on unintentionally.  This will definitely get the child hammered.  This is unnecessary and since the cops understand there can be a problem, they ought to have some way of keeping it from being a major threat or issue.  Common sense will tell you that assailants love to play tricks like this, so why side with them?

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Sometimes as I have been saying, there comes a time to prove that Nebulus Plus is real.  Officials like famous people and cops, who DO represent the government shouldn't have to be compelled to come into these unknown halls to prove a point.  Nebulus is real, guys.  Even I, who do not have a ball because I "deserve" to be killed, have seen it with my very own eyes.  The fact is that I believe there ought to be additional negative credit given to Christian Chaun and to people who love Nebulus so much.
I believe Nebulus can be a fascinating technology at first, however it's still downplayed way too much.  This said it will endanger those brave men and ladies who are meant to protect us just out of curiosity and disbelief and sign them to an agreement of some kind which will render them helpless to people in need.  I mean telepathy???  Sounds unlikely don't you think?  Just try not to using this product anymore, because you just never know who's on there.  No matter what names are signed in, there are names "wedged in between" names and all kinds of stuff.  It is so hacked, who knows unless you have a trained eye who "Christian Chaun #2", for example is.

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It ought to be illegal to have no Nebulus Protection on or to deny individuals their right to Nebulus Protection during certain times like when somebody is dying and making an attempt to take everybody with them among other things.  This point cannot be stressed enough, because we are all doing different things at one time.  With this in mind, little old me being on "extra sensitive" is inexcusable and not funny.  I am the most considerate one here and I STILL manage to violate someone's air space at least once a day.  I say even more than that. The setting was also called autoboam last time I checked and please turn it up as high as you can for me every time you get a chance to. Please and thank you.

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