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Where there is a venom, there is a cure.

Since it has been out for so long I say there should be a way to cure Nebulus Plus.  Even if someone says it is totally disbanded, there should still be a cure for it because it has been in the public for so long.
I have continuously been about destroying Nebulus Plus.  However, since it's out, why can't we have an anti mind ray right at the store?  Somebody has to make money off this chance apart from the dangerous guys, since it's "so safe to use".  However, with that comes all the legalities of creating a product, so perhaps a home remedy is required.  You just got to come back to little old me for the answers, lol.  A giant help was tin foil, for a little while.  Nebulus Plus's mind ray can currently tear through a thick layer of aluminum, therefore, I recommend something of a heavier element so that microscopic holes do not appear in your defense.  Lead will work, but the voices are still there a little.  Maybe I did this process wrong? I have a better understanding of what the product is so I will say in theory an RF blocker should work. Well, stuff like that works a little, but not all the way.

Anyway, Nebulus is all over here.  Just come up with a remedy, because it's out in the population.  It's bad enough for me to say that it needs to be MORE known as opposed to it needing to be a secret, or classified.  It can, really, really hurt you, and most of the people using it are damaging both themselves and their targets.  Try to place a bunch of metal between you and the beams.  That is what I would do in a radioactive scenario anything where the radiation is constant and unstoppable until further notice.  There could be something totally different about it that made it special to keep it from being labeled a radioactive something, but I only wanted to tell you something that works, at least, a little. I found out it has to be many RF signals if it's telepathy anything.  There also should be a few beams between 0.6-3.0 Ghz in the mixture of beams to do the most accurate job.  Also, sometimes, you DO get a reading off a Geiger counter from it, but, like I said, it isn't a steady constant reading.  Sometimes it's a 20 count, sometimes its a 100 count, sometimes a pop doesn't even come up at all.

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