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Nebulus Plus is Real and Dangerous talks about what may be a version of a product from long ago that has been forcefully hidden from the public eye since its birth. It works like a tool of espionage. The product gets into your head through synthetic telepathy and pulls out whatever thought the user wants to get from you. Anyone who wields this mind ray of sorts can even say something to make it seem like the victim is thinking completely different from what his or her true thoughts are. As if that wasn't enough to bother you, Nebulus Plus has even more terrifying abilities. The balls can even torment you beyond your wildest dreams from time to time, which is why I call it a weapon to begin with. So we are not only forcing information out of people, but we are tormenting random individuals, like me, needlessly. It is also currently being used as a method of splitting souls up, so to speak. For the person it is done to it seems like "multiple personality possession," because there are many people in your head. For the record this sounds like many accounts of synthetic telepathy are supposed to. You are to sign the agreement to keep the victims' minds bottled up in these balls of torment, and they aren't supposed to say a word to anyone who never signed the agreement at least once. So, basically, they are sworn to secrecy, I guess. These strange and unusual balls use a signal that is radioactive as can be. I know this because I saw Geiger counter readings jumping up and down for a long time, but somehow have never had the classic signs of radiation poisoning. I now realize it IS a radiation, but I think they are more microwaves that somehow appear on the Geiger counter once in a while. (Like RFs but not exactly that) Also, an individual's feelings can intercede with yours, inflicting temporary and perhaps even permanent psychoses sometimes. If one of the people in here has a mental illness it will affect most of us. Furthermore, I'm counting the fact that your perception of life is different from everyone else's, so that can drive you crazy, also. Third and finally, you can take drugs and conflict with another's sense of peace. This is why I say sometimes that this tool is made to make people legally insane and from time to time achieves its purpose. Many people say this state of mind has been on me since I was eight or nine and have heard the voices since I was twenty five, back in 2010. I even have been through lots of unnecessary pain and torment in my life since then, where before it was only noticeable that my serotonin levels were low, although I know it was more than that being taken from me. I feel my soul deserves 100% purity forever. Whoever separated any soul in the name of Nebulus needs to be punished with a vengeance. I can see if you're here to assist me, however, most of the time you are not. I am positive I am not the only one who feels this way. Enough is enough. We'd like a way to garble these crazy people's Nebulus signals so they will stop spying on us forever. By the way, for the record, the balls look different than pictured above. Very few are actually shiny or disco-like at all. Most of them are about that size, though. They are rubbery, and they collectively have many colors, but only one color for each individual ball. Look out for the size only because I could not manage to get a real picture of one. If you can send me one, without getting messed with please email me.

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Nebulus IS a lifetime commitment

People sign the agreements, with or without financial gain, which is getting more like a hostage scenario each day, technically. It's agreed to do with the soul(s) whatever the tormentors wish to do with them with or without the owners being able to do anything about it. You only get a Nebulus Ball if you sign the agreement, supposedly. Also, keep in mind some stuff you might want to tell about, because these things might ordinarily be illegal.Contracts, also, persuade folks to swear allegiance to Christian Chaun, (since that is your last name) and we ALL understand who that is. Those who draw up the pacts teach the signers to be secretive, I mean very close lipped about the situation. This product has been out since the 70's and maybe before that. It is illegal for a million different reasons.Nobody admits that Nebulus Plus is real unless I'm intoxicated out of my mind, so I would not remember the occasion clearly, or so they hope. I have managed to outwit a few people and I caught them confessing their roles in Nebulus out loud. Yeah, sometimes I'm more attentive than I look, so I am sure that I'm not just hearing things. I know they are real people. They will confer with anyone else at any time, though, I keep hearing. At least one cop has had this experience with me and refused to admit it the next day or ever since. "Until the next time you're utterly helpless," I faintly remember a police officer saying a while back when this happened. Not that I'm the man in that aspect they just never make it to my house, somehow.I don't get what is so convincing about staying here and bothering me unless it's that some man with lots of cash who is beyond any doubt Christian Chaun's pal. These people are definitely not joking around about secretly hurting others with an unknown weapon that has been named a number of awful things like a detonator, a tool of espionage, or any other thing that comes to mind. I will divulge my opinion about it throughout the site since this is an interesting topic.Most of the users seem atheist, so they can break the oath. Sounds pleasant and versatile, I guess, for someone who is bound by oath to have someone like that help you, but it always ends with a stab in the back instead. I hear in the rare world of telepathy that if I sign such an agreement, it is an oath on my life, so I understand the secrecy to a small degree. I say a slight degree because the increasing number of people are cops in here. I even heard plenty of conversations about the police coming in to willingly cause a disturbance instead of solving the issue like American law dictates them to. Unless there is cash on the table, I do not understand why some of these atheist cops don't attempt to protect and serve rather than serving us up. The corrupt authorities should have been caught in that way alone. I say this because I alone have attempted to disband this product with very little success. So, I ought to have the right to kill you out of self defense for the horrors you have put me through, but I'd much rather the law do their jobs instead. I assume it's individuals like me who are stuck in here that keeps the "game" going, as if I were really kidnapped and held for ransom, but only in my head. That the only thing I can think of as a real excuse for you not doing your job, which I know there's not.The cops have the ball, either way, and they are harassing me, an innocent man, about something they understand the answers about already and are hiding the truth about. IT'S CHRISTIAN CHAUN DOING IT, MAN. (And his other lousy drug-addicted friends) One more reason for there to be a scrambler around and for it to be even tougher to keep somebody in, even if the authorities do it. Anyway, all of the real federal government taking this as seriously as any other state of affairs like this would be very nice.

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This product has been out for an extremely long time. Since I don't see anyone believing in telepathy often or explaining the concept with a solid theory, I know it has been a secret the whole time. I understand terrorists, or whatever they are to the government, are attempting to urge everybody to take them less seriously regarding the necessity for the cure to break the trance. The government starts to work against itself when there comes to rapidly making arrests concerning individuals doing it when they start doing something that I'd like to call "embarrassingly unethical" along side these criminals to the entire world. What the people do not understand is a larger "they" can come have you sign the agreement anyway if you keep fooling around with them. How about joining, anyway, simply because you're feeling there is more success in being a traitor to the union as opposed to yielding to American laws? That is a deal that has been flying around for a while, among other ones. I say kiss my butt about that situation, either way. Off the subject, but keep in mind somebody could be suffering while you are laughing uncontrollably during your visit to the world of mind reading. Make certain, okay, because sometimes they are. A lot of times we all laugh together, but once in a while there is someone we are laughing at, and we don't seem to realize that it is "stealing endorphins" from these individuals. I used to have this problem all the time and it's only this device, because I could feel my good times flying away from my forehead. I have continually had trouble getting the authorities to "believe" me without sounding schizophrenic more than anything. "The voices in my head are real individuals and wish to kill me" sounds really dumb when you are explaining it to somebody who is already aware of the problem and just acts like they don't. People know about it, they just refuse to agree with you. Also, the phrase, "It isn't medically sound for me to believe you concerning Nebulus Plus" is not what I'm trying to hear, either, although I know why. These two situations are embarrassing and are only meant to defame my name and prove me an invalid witness against everyone. I think everyone in Nebulus surely drowns out any true schizophrenia I ever had. If you are MY friend or on my side in any respect, you should say something like, "Why not bond together for our common cause and fight this as a group so I won't look so stupid talking about voices that actually are real people." Or just do something like that secretly, I guess because I am permanently angry at the ones who are always on the ball, and I will probably mistake you for one of them.Like I said, I don't have a ball and do not want one, because the object is to remain far away from ground zero, so to speak. You will find yourself unknowingly hurting yourself by being near it due to the wavelengths of these mind rays, so to speak, because they ARE radioactive. If stuff like this keeps up, of course, folks are going to be hesitant to call the law. If they act up, which they generally do, visit this web site. It may help. It's called Sometimes a little exposing is all someone needs to get them to realize how unethical they really are. They deserve it because they are doing this secretly, I believe. Also, speaking of being ashamed, I suggest looking at a few websites concerning spy tools and stuff to get a clear look at what you are doing to people prior to agreeing. I just don't have the heart to tell you, but it's really bad. You can do serious time for it when everyone gets pissed off enough. Just for the record, why are individuals pulling guns out on my friends for the sake of Nebulus Plus, anyway? Isn't this supposed to be a game? Why does all this have to be extreme, my so-called brother? I wanted to go along with it until everyone agreed to do this for a long time. After a while someone like me tends to get insulted, so Christian Chaun and his favorite buds (including the cops) can bite the green weenie for all I care. Man that was hard not to cuss everyone out about.

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