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It's like drugs only worse: just say no

The encoding that is normally used to program Nebulus Plus ranges from totally ancient and unknown to modern day.  Most of the software in these balls is illegal for a normal person to have, much less use due to hacking, copyright infringement, etc.  It's like drugs, only worse, like I said.  Even if tic-tac-toe were the only game I played on there I am still hacking and committing terrorism.  The software is used as a spyware tool online, as well.  Just say no and stay away from its users if you can.  I know it's obvious, but it's illegal to hack and crack codes to begin with, and that is part of every "game."  I don't know much about programs, but I do know that whatever proprietary crap they are using is super easy to crack once you get the hang of it and can even be used as a means of lowering encryption rates, I keep hearing.
Also, DEFINITELY not written in this normal encoding I am speaking of, is something people once called "Nebulus technology."  Like I said, it is in all the games on the balls, not just the one I described.  The software may be powerful and has supposedly hacked the UN using cop bots, or something similar, but it is FORBIDDEN to use.  Stuff like that doesn't belong on the ball unless you intend on conducting real espionage, and why would I want that in my life?  It hasn't been mentioned much, anymore, but I imagine the "ultimate hacking tool," so to speak, is still around in some way, shape or form.  Remember, ladies and gentlemen, terrorists have at least one of these balls, and those terrorists are probably YOU now that you didn't listen to me.  Just go on and think that I am saying something irrelevant until everyone finds out about you.  "Almost" hacking the UN may or may not have counted in that scenario.  I think "almost" really did happen, to be honest.
Here is another point I want to bring up about hacking and spyware.  Why do I want a bunch of child porn and hacking info on my mind reading machine OR my hard drive to begin with?  I keep hearing about that nonsense from you perverted, planet X natives.  Apparently, some of you think that's funny and don't realize how many others are taking that concept seriously, or something to that effect.  I don't understand that aspect of the "game" any other way.  It makes more sense to think there is really money going around and that you all are really using these hacking tools for what you say you are.  The only reason why you would want to hack me is to get me involved and blame me for something you all are doing.  Other than that, it sounds like a waste of time to play around with little dudes like me in that way.  If you didn't know already, I made an extra effort to clear my name.  Good try at making me the scapegoat, though.
Who wants to be the last one to know that he or she has been missing chemicals in the brain for any length of time?  Imagine how uncomfortable you will feel when you find out a bunch of crazy people have been in your head when you are unaware of it and feel the need to make it known either in Nebulus or out loud.  I told you many times, and I will say it again, "Man, a little coverage please."  I know that my superior human pheromones aren't always what you're looking for, cool dudes.  If so, I think Captain Kirk needs to come on the scene and get some of these "green girls" off my Y-axis, if you know what I mean.  I can see why I am an unforgettable man, thus the term "4-D technology," because it will leave you stuck in a space-time continuum you will never come out of, apparently.  If you are addicted to my endorphins that much, man, maybe you really do need some medicine to get you off my track.  I just don't see the advantages of bringing little old me along and making me talk whether I really feel like saying anything or not when I am trying to tell the FBI and now even higher than that almost everything you do.  Well, either way, you all suck for bothering me about stuff I could be less involved with, and it doesn't clear your names up any like whatever crack you are smoking makes you think.
Is this act of communism or what?  That sheriff was wearing an awfully long coat, holy crap.  I'm not playing around.  If this isn't treasonous, it will be at the rate things seem to be around here.  Also, while I still have my freedom of speech, I'd might as well blame it on communism, anyway.  I say it's not even constitutional to be in here, so I don't see the point in the situation lasting as long as it has been.  It's not you all "just being cool" anymore.  It's actually you all being uncool now.  And as a result, I have to shift from "being cool" to "being uncool", too.

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