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You can't say you're on forever as much, now

Sounds stupid that the oldest tricks in the book actually work, but I strongly advise chelation as a way of logging out. It helps tremendously with turning even me down, but the bad thing is that people will bring you back in, which hurts after chelation. What you want to do is find about 3 hours a day to soak in the tub and just do it that way. You can do a diet that helps you, but I really don't think you have to. Anyone who wants the details about exactly what to do to chelate, write me and ask me. Also, don't get out or get scared if your entire body feels like metal. This is a good sign, but it hurts the first time. Just pull your chest out of the water a little. Just to show your interest, as everyone who is stuck in here should want to know a really good way to turn "them" down to begin with, just email me and I will give you more details about the entire story of what I used and all that. Just remember: Chelation is the word, buddy. You will be turned down at least for a while after that. Anyone who disagrees with that just doesn't know because that's the deal.

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