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Nebulus is:

RF RADIATION AND MORE:  It may not leave a burn mark that is noticeable, or a sick to the stomach feeling, but it is leaving signals that signify it has RF and maybe even gamma waves in its signals.
A TOOL OF ESPIONAGE:  It pulls thoughts out of your head and puts them into it both silently and loud.  It spies on people and has enough spyware and stuff like that to steal every bit of information about you ever known, like a tool of espionage.  I now know it's more than that, of course because I am calling it TIship.  It also is said to obtain information about, even certain government facilities.  This tool is so secret it is said to be able to hack "any" government facility and potentially steal information.

AN ACT OF TERRORISM:  It is an act of terrorism any time some infamous terrorist anyone comes on and says it is, because that is him or her claiming you as a friend!!!  Also, there are detonator applications.  It has to be terrorism if these apps are being used to blow up anything in real life, and I have heard enough about it to believe this is true.

A TORMENT OF SOME KIND:  You can feel and send extreme pain to others whether by accident or on purpose.  These pains are definitely signs of syntel.  This, also, happens with readings of happiness like someone doing drugs or drinking.  Keep in mind some do that stuff and some don't, for the record.

IT IS A WAY TO SYNTHETICALLY TELEPATHIZE:  When two or more people can guess exactly what the other one(s) may be thinking, that is the exact definition of telepathy.  And of course, it isn't natural mind reading.  It's like picking up a phone and dialing multiple brains up as phone numbers. The only bad part about this is that it is long-term, and that is the annoying part.  For the record, who cares about every single thought any person has? (except the ones who haven't tried it out, of course) You are surely going to run into, at least, one thought that is going to annoy you from every last one of us!  There is a beautiful and fascinating way to telepathize, just know that Nebulus Plus is not that way.  It is the dirty and down low way of reading minds just like any other artificial telepathy.  There is a good and bad way to do everything.  Please stop making THE legendary telepathy suck.  ESP is cool man.
IT IS A HYPNOSIS OF A SORT:  Synthetic telepathy implants suggestions like crazy into your head and like I said it also pulls things out of it.  It is a hypnosis of a certain kind due to the fact that it or someone else asks your endorphins to do something and they normally do it.  People are made subject to other folks' feelings whether they choose to engage in their conversation or not.  EG: I am having a perfectly good day when all of a sudden, an even better thing to brighten my day comes along:  someone down the road is being brought to justice for using Nebulus, finally.  What do I experience instead of a laugh and me walking on with my life, right?  Instead, they are in my brain arguing and making my perfectly wonderful day a dark and angry one.  My advise, which isn't always taken into consideration, is to log them off and say, "I got one under arrest, sir" or something like that.  I don't want to help them at all with a good comeback nor do I want to sympathize with the perpetrator in the example.  Also, a main point is that it is a hypnosis because it diverts your attention from what you normally are doing and asks/makes you put your attention on something someone else is doing or saying. (So, technically, I am a hypnotist as well even though I don't have a ball.)  What you are focused on throughout the day is considered a hypnotism of its own and this is why it is more of a trance than you think, especially when you are bombarded by people's feelings right directly into the already sponge-like brain. To the mind these and even your own points of views are considered "subliminal messages."  So, with that being said, you are, definitely, being put under hypnosis to be angry, hateful, to use drugs and whatever other garbage we pick up on the streets.  Very anti-Christian, too, by the way. (A psych war for that?)
A SECRET:  Nebulus is so secret that I have worked with a few others to "just label it Nebulus and leave it at that".  This is so that a person down the road cannot say "what in the world is THAT thing?" anymore.  I don't have to say one thing today and tomorrow the next.
Also, another problem with it being a secret is the really interesting saying about light revealing the darkness.  All dark forces "play at night" and all that shadowy stuff, especially when the shadow of secrecy hides it in its clutches.  That is why some brave "white government" officials should shed light on this subject and reveal a great secret that has been devolved into a crime for decades.  I say this because nobody important seems to know about it, and if they do, they are lying like crazy about the situation.  So if it's unknown, shed some light upon the subject.  And if it isn't truly a secret, those in charge should quit putting random people in Nebulus before we all get the right idea and start telling.
REAL LIFE:  This situation pisses off every person who enters it eventually.  Not everyone is in the same mood as I am and vice versa, like I said above.  There is a such thing as alone time and even the nicest person gets irritated at least once in a while.  I see this tool as a means to pry and cause someone to get pissed off enough to argue all day long.  It can interrupt real life events with known or unknown people at random intervals of the day, as touched on above.
A CRIMINAL ACT:  Whether spying, terrorism, treason, torment, hacking, smoking crack, or whatever "it of all things" is doing today, it is more than likely something illegal as opposed to something perfectly fine to do. Also, 99.9% of the time, artificial mind reading is an electromagnetic WEAPON of some kind and there are laws against these kinds of things as well. (One of them can be a life sentence if it is done right.)

Nebulus isn't:

A toy:  Nebulus is not something you want to play around with because it's built dangerously.  (Radiation, the spies might be real, just to name a couple of things to take seriously) It is not a game to be passed around like you would a video game or something.  Just know this locks many people in forever and after a while this scenario isn't funny.
Just happening to a couple of people anymore:  It effects our world especially because of radiation, and because of the intent of espionage (aka spying) Also, there is someone else with this annoying problem somewhere other than our town.  I have heard of a few brave souls asking online about it who I have never heard of in my life.
A fake:  Anyone except for me in the situation has probably seen it more than once or twice.  I cannot get a real picture of the balls, but they are about the same size as the ones pictures.  The normal ones are.  There are a couple of larger modules that are floating around somewhere, but we haven't mentioned those much.  I guess the bigger the ball, the uglier the situation can be?  Most have the fit in the palm of your hand variety, though. Still not a fake whether you believe me or not.
Not important? Are you sure about that?: It is a secret and a tool of espionage and unknown AND truly unowned, it is said, so what's not important about that?  You can't even go to the hospital to treat your pains, so it's not that it isn't important, it is just a secret.  Like I mentioned above.

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