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Where there is a venom, there is a cure.

Since it has been out for so long, I say there should be a way to cure Nebulus Plus.  Even if someone says it is totally disbanded, there should still be a cure for it, because it has been in the public for so long.
I have continuously been about destroying Nebulus Plus.  However, since it's out, why can't we have an anti telepathy ray right at the store?  Somebody has to make money off this chance apart from the dangerous guys.  However, with that comes all the legalities of creating a product, so perhaps a home remedy is required.  You just got to come back to little old me for the answers, lol.  A giant help was tin foil, for a little while, but don't touch the foil or it will become useless.  Nebulus Plus's artificial telepathy beam can tear through a thick layer of aluminum, but it negates the effects.  I have a better understanding of what the product is now, so I will say an RF blocker like a thick layer of RF proof fabric should work completely, but like I said, don't touch it when you are using it.  Try to place a bunch of metal between you and the beams, too.  This stuff sorta works and there are a few more tricks online that work for both Nebulus Ball and synthetic telepathy both like binaural beats.  So now it doesn't have to be as much of a problem anymore unless there are a bunch of beams on you.

  I found out it has to be many RF signals if it's telepathy anything (scatter beam).  This stuff is all over the web, so I am not just guessing anymore.  There also should be a few beams between 0.6-3.0 Ghz in the mixture of beams to do the most accurate job.  That is called the "blue light range".  RF waves can be as big as 15Ghz, so it isn't impossible for this to occur.  

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